EMS & Fire Records Request

HCESD48 utilizes ChartSwap under the name Harris County EMS District 48.

Online Request Form for EMS & Fire Incident Report

The information requested below must be completed in full. If you do not have the necessary incident information, you may contact the Harris County Emergency Services District No. 48 Administration Office at (281) 599-8888 for assistance.  

Please note: All incident report requests are processed within seven (7) business days upon receipt. It is our policy to fulfill record requests within ten (10) business days of the incident date. The Department may require additional time to process requests that are more difficult and if so, an estimated period will be provided to the requestor. 

ex: (888) 888-8888 or 888-888-8888
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All EMS & Fire incident requests must include a copy of the requestor's driver's license, front side only.
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Medical report requests must include a valid HIPAA Authorization and supporting documentation by the patient (if applicable).

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