Scott Strait

District Chief

Scott Strait transitioned into the role of overseeing communication and volunteer membership within HCESD in January 2018. He remains committed to helping the Department serve its community in a positive, effective way.

Chief Strait began as a volunteer firefighter in January 1990 at Community Fire Department, covering the Mission Bend area in West Houston. He was promoted to Lieutenant in 1994 and to EMS Captain in 1996. Upon relocating to Katy in 1999, Chief Strait joined HCESD 48. There, Chief Strait rose through the ranks, becoming a Lieutenant in 2000 and Captain in 2003. He was promoted to District Chief in 2013, where he continues to serve today.

Since 1994, Chief Strait has been a certified EMT. He also became a certified firefighter in 1997 after completing the fire academy training at the College of the Mainland in Texas City, Texas.

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